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The underdog crypto that’s outperforming expectations

Dear Reader,

I am a HUGE Bitcoin fan… but…

I believe this crypto could absolutely smash Bitcoin’s gains this year.

That’s because the experts who make up the bleeding edge of crypto are buzzing about this crypto. Seriously—people are blown away by its tech and what it’s accomplishing…

It literally remakes finance from the ground up… 

And while it’s smaller than Bitcoin (for now), its gaining serious steam.

In fact, it quietly gained 320% in the last year alone…

And we believe that its biggest gains are yet to come.

I’ve seen this kind of thing before…

When all the smartest “thought leaders” are super into a new coin before anyone else is… it eventually leaks out and more and more investors pile in. Before you know it, it’s blasted to the moon and made some investors rich while most missed the boat.

I’m telling you about this crypto while there’s still time…

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Make This ONE Trade Every Time The Government Drops Economic Reports

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Dear Reader,


Twelve times every year, you have the chance to make ONE simple trade… with ONE symbol…


And cash out the very next day for potentially up to 383% OVERNIGHT!


My colleague, Bryan Bottarelli has spent the last few months researching this phenomenon…


And according to his data… it wins at an 83% rate.


The average gain was 115% in 24 hours. (winners and losers included).


In short… it’s a way to make winning trades every time the government releases key economic data.


You can see all the details for yourself in the video… including his exhaustive backtest.


It shows that last year… just $10,000 could have generated over $137,000 in trading profits.


Factoring in ALL 12 trades… winners and losers combined.


And get this… these trades can win whether the market surges… or crashes..

To learn about the JOLTS Loophole, and get access to the next LIVE trade on Tuesday at 2pm, enter your email address below.
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To learn about the JOLTS Loophole, and get access to the next LIVE trade on Tuesday at 2pm, enter your email address below.
(You will immediately be redirected to the video.)

 Elites Are Exploiting
A “Cash-Free Loophole”
To Make Billions With Gold

Here’s how to legally exploit the same loophole as the financial elites

Dear Reader,

There’s ONE investment that’s held by over 97.6% of the ultra wealthy that they would NEVER tell you about. 

And if they did, they will be modest on how heavy they are on this play in their portfolio.

For many it’s the foundation of their holdings. 

It’s the underground base that you do not see, but holds up the empire that they have built.

And it’s no surprise they rarely tout this pick as one of America’s best investments since 1999 (+570%).

We’re talking about Gold….

Most are well aware of the wealth protection benefits that gold offers. 

But since 2022 central banks and billionaire whale investors are buying more gold than any other point in American history.

  • David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital has invested $40 million.
  • Hedge fund legend, John Paulson, invested $200 million.
  • Even the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, has over $500 million in gold and precious metals.

What they’ll never tell you, is how they’re leveraging a little-known tax-free loophole that allows you to invest in gold without putting up any of your own cash.

This loophole allows you to opt out of the insanity in your traditional retirement account, for a specialized option that allows you to own precious metals tax free and penalty free.

Our team at Colonial Metals, designed a Free Gold Investment Guide that gives you all of the details and shows you how you can execute it flawlessly to protect and grow your wealth.

It’s been the top-secret investment strategy of the wealthy elite for decades.

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$5k To $1.3m In Just 3 Trades

This Consistently Signaled Gains Of 453%... 610%... And Even 1036%...

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally, something completely unique comes across my radar.

In this case, I’m talking about legal “Insider Trading”.

These traders have consistently signaled 453% … 610% .. and even 1036%... gains.

And until now they have been doing it completely under the radar.

In fact, it’s one of the best kept secrets on Wall Street.

But in an upcoming interview the market expert Steven Place will be revealing the strategy behind this gold-mine and how you can piggy back their every trade.

You’ll see how just 3 of these trades could have generated $1.3m in profit starting with a $5k stake.

And how 2-5 times every month these “Insider Traders” signal some of the biggest moves the market sees…

Alerting you of these opportunities up to 60 times a year.

PLUS you will also get my #1 pick to help you start building your portfolio…

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Goldman Sachs Believes This Coin Can Overtake Bitcoin... NASDAQ Confirmed It Is a Contender to Be The Next Crypto King... 

And One Crypto Expert Believes This New Coin Is The Next Millionaire Maker!

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Dear Reader,

So, you want to invest in crypto currencies??

I don't blame you.

After all, a few years ago the number of Bitcoin millionaires would fill this tiny section of the Seattle Seahawks football stadium, which is about 1000 seats.

Today the number of Bitcoin millionaires would fill the entire stadium every single seat.

That’s because thanks to bitcoin's incredible 5-year rally there are now 100,000 Bitcoin millionaires!


Many invested in Bitcoin early on and watched their account swell as it soared from a few $100 bucks to over $60,000.

If you're one of those millionaires, then congratulations!

But if you're not, don't worry, because you're about to get a second chance.

You see, as amazing as that Bitcoin rally was, it's about to look tiny like a blip on a chart.

That's because experts are saying this next rally could be 20 times greater.

Think about that… 20 times greater, which means this new opportunity has the potential to create enough millionaires...


...To fill this stadium 20 times!

But here’s the twist: This massive rally won't come from Bitcoin; it will come from a lesser known alternative crypto that Goldman Sachs confessed could overtake Bitcoin and the NASDAQ confirmed is a contender to be the next crypto king.


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