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The underdog crypto that’s outperforming expectations

Dear Reader,

I am a HUGE Bitcoin fan… but…

I believe this crypto could absolutely smash Bitcoin’s gains this year.

That’s because the experts who make up the bleeding edge of crypto are buzzing about this crypto. Seriously—people are blown away by its tech and what it’s accomplishing…

It literally remakes finance from the ground up… 

And while it’s smaller than Bitcoin (for now), its gaining serious steam.

In fact, it quietly gained 320% in the last year alone…

And we believe that its biggest gains are yet to come.

I’ve seen this kind of thing before…

When all the smartest “thought leaders” are super into a new coin before anyone else is… it eventually leaks out and more and more investors pile in. Before you know it, it’s blasted to the moon and made some investors rich while most missed the boat.

I’m telling you about this crypto while there’s still time…

If you’d like to add a hot new altcoin to your portfolio, check it out now:

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We called Apple at 57 Cents and Nvidia at $4.39.
Here’s our next pick...

Dear Reader,

Nvidia recently added $277 billion in market cap …


That one-day gain is greater than the entire market cap of Coca-Cola …

McDonald’s …

Disney …

Netflix …

And Shell …

Companies that have been around for decades and experienced lifetimes of success.

It was Wall Street’s largest one-day gain in history, and it’s because Nvidia is the face of artificial intelligence.

But while everyone is patting Nvidia on the back for its record earnings …

Nvidia has already moved on to the next phase of AI that it plans to conquer.

In fact, something has been happening in the background over the past couple of years.

Nvidia’s been quietly pivoting to another, potentially lucrative sector.

Indeed, Nvidia’s own CEO, Jensen Huang, believes Big Tech is going to spend over $1 trillion on this sector just in the next four years.

Four giants — Amazon, Meta, Microsoft and Google — are all in on this new AI frontier.

And this is where Nvidia comes in.

Because those four giants are already Nvidia’s largest customers …

And we expect Nvidia is going to be integral to the success of this Super Project.

While most people are still focused on Nvidia’s recent performance, they’re missing this massive, $1 trillion pivot Nvidia’s making right now.

The company recently unveiled essential blueprints for this grand venture.

But it’s what’s happening behind the scenes that should be most exciting for investors …

Because we’ve identified three companies that Nvidia needs to lean on to get the job done.

And they have the chance to become leaders in this next wave of the AI boom.

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Gold Hits New All-Time Highs
…No end in sight!

Dear Reader,

Did you hear?

Gold recently crossed the highest price in history…

Reaching upwards of $2,300 an ounce.

And top analysts believe this is only the beginning.

Bloomberg experts have placed a bullish prediction for gold to hit $7,000 an ounce by 2025!

Which is exactly why central banks and billionaires are stocking up on gold at record rates.

A brand-new guide from Colonial Metals Group reveals…

  • The smart and safe way to invest in gold before the coming bull-run

  • Why Central Banks are buying gold at record rates

  • A gold strategy to "hack" the system and grow your wealth faster

Don’t miss out on what could be the biggest bull run in gold’s history!

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$5k To $1.3m In Just 3 Trades

This Consistently Signaled Gains Of 453%... 610%... And Even 1036%...

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally, something completely unique comes across my radar.

In this case, I’m talking about legal “Insider Trading”.

These traders have consistently signaled 453% … 610% .. and even 1036%... gains.

And until now they have been doing it completely under the radar.

In fact, it’s one of the best kept secrets on Wall Street.

But in an upcoming interview the market expert Steven Place will be revealing the strategy behind this gold-mine and how you can piggy back their every trade.

You’ll see how just 3 of these trades could have generated $1.3m in profit starting with a $5k stake.

And how 2-5 times every month these “Insider Traders” signal some of the biggest moves the market sees…

Alerting you of these opportunities up to 60 times a year.

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