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Got $1,500? 3 Hot Growth Stocks to Buy Right Now

Dear Reader,

With only $1,500 to invest, you’re at the starting line of potentially life-changing financial growth. We have one simple investing philosophy behind our greatest returns — we don’t recommend you buy any stocks if you’re not willing to hold them for at least 5 years. That’s the simple investing philosophy behind our greatest returns.

We are focused on the long-term. Let the day traders work all day for their 5% blips here and there, and fret when the market falls off for a month. We play an entirely different game -- a game measured by huge percentage points of profit, and counted in years.

And given the volatility presented in the market over the past couple of years, we think this strategy has never been more crucial.

It’s hard to believe, but 2023 marked the 30-year anniversary of the founding of The Motley Fool.

It’s truly amazing that we were able to go from publishing an investment newsletter for 300 or so subscribers out of a literal shed…

To serving hundreds of thousands of paid members and millions more hardworking investors on our free site.

The analyst team at The Motley Fool have put together a heck of a run. And since I have the luxury of working with them, I know what they’re most proud of is their ability to consistently lead investors to some of the most life-changing investment returns the market has ever seen. I’m talking, of course, about companies like:

  • Amazon up 22,964% (since Stock Advisor recommended it Sept. 9, 2002)
  • Netflix up 32,767% (since Stock Advisor recommended it Dec. 17, 2004)
  • Nvidia up 55,588% (since Stock Advisor recommended it April 15, 2005)

Those are actual investment recommendations The Motley Fool has shared with our investing community over the years.

We know what you’re thinking. You would have had to invest in those companies over 15 years ago to see those types of returns. Many members did and have seen those life changing returns.

But don’t feel like you’ve missed out...

In all the winning stock picks over the last 5 years, The Motley Fool already has several recommendations that have returned more than 100% (yes, even with current market conditions).

Some of our best of these recommendations include:

  • HubSpot (up 307%) since December 5, 2019
  • The Trade Desk (up 316%) since November 7, 2019
  • Tesla (up 491%) since January 2, 2020

I want to make sure I reemphasize that the returns you are seeing are all from recommendations we’ve made in just the last 5 years!

What does that tell you? There are still amazing companies out there -- and our dedicated analysts are tirelessly working every day to identify more of these companies for our members.

Imagine the potential these recommendations could have if given 15 years to mature like we did with Amazon, Netflix, and NVIDIA.

Is the greatest investing “secret” of all even a secret?

Maybe not, but judging by the short-term mindset of many investors -- individual and institutional alike -- it may as well be.

David Gardner said it perfectly when he wrote, “So scribble this down and put it on your fridge door: Find good companies and hold those positions tenaciously over time to yield multiples upon multiples of your original investment.”

That’s it. That’s our “secret”.

And you could just look at any of the great companies of our time. You can just look at the stock market over time. The facts are all there, but it's amazing how obscured they are by the media coverage of the markets and by how people mis-learn investing, often very early in their careers.

Go back to our early picks of Amazon and Netflix? What if you had sold those positions too early because you were so focused on short-term gain? 

After all, if you sold Netflix in its second year or Amazon in its third year, and you didn't get to enjoy the 10th and 15th year of your holding, you left almost untold amounts of money on the table. Think of it this way: You held one of these positions for three years because you bought low and sold high. Sure you made a three-bagger... But, If you had held your positions in one of these stocks for 10 years, you could have grown your position 150x! Ever heard of a 150-bagger? At The Motley Fool, we sure have.

The Time Is Now!

Motley Fool Stock Advisor sees an average return of 667%. But every so often, our team issues what we call a ‘Double Down’ recommendation: a chance for investors who missed the boat on a great stock to get in again…and a chance for investors who did buy to add to their gains.

Remember, we’ve never rested on our laurels. We are continuously working to find those next great potential stock picks. 

We’ve announced three ‘Double Down’ recommendations, exclusively for Stock Advisor members. So, if you’re the sort of investor who is looking to place small amounts of money (as little as $1,500) in stocks with long-term growth potential, then you’re going to be very happy you took the time to learn more on the next page.

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Returns as of 3/20/24. John Mackey, former CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Adam Jones has positions in and Okta. The Motley Fool has positions in, HubSpot, Netflix, Nvidia, Okta, Tesla, and The Trade Desk. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

The Motley Fool respects your privacy and strives to be transparent about our data collection practices. We use your information to customize the site for you, to contact you about your membership, provide you with promotional information, and in aggregate to help us better understand how the service is used.

Past performance is not a predictor of future results. Individual investment results may vary. All investing involves risk of loss.

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Read This If You Missed Out On The AI Boom

Dear Reader,

Adam’s research shows a radical new technology is set to grow 10X faster than the internet … and drastically alter manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture … even energy.

Nvidia’s CEO said it will be, “flat out, the biggest [tech] revolution ever.”

Elon Musk called it “amazing…”

Visionaries like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are betting billions on it.

And it’s easy to see why…

Adam predicts that this profound new DNA-based tech will grow 320,000% in just 3 years.

And one small company's patented technology – what he calls the "smart cell" microchip - is at the heart of this revolution.

Most investors missed out on the massive, early gains in AI…

But this could prove to be even bigger … much bigger.

Those who get in now have the chance to turn a small stake into an absolute fortune.

Stock trend expert Adam O'Dell just released the details on the $10 stock he calls "The Next Intel" — the one company poised to dominate this radical new biotechnology revolution.

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Make This ONE Trade Every Time The Government Drops Economic Reports

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Twelve times every year… you have the chance to make ONE simple trade… with ONE symbol…

And cash out the very next day for potentially up to 383% OVERNIGHT!

My colleague, Bryan Bottarelli has spent the last few months researching this phenomenon…

And according to his data… it wins at an 83% rate.

The average gain was 115% in 24 hours. (winners and losers included).

In short… it’s a way to make winning trades every time the government releases key economic data.

You can see all the details here for yourself... including his exhaustive backtest.

It shows that last year… just $10,000 could have generated over $137,000 in trading profits.

Factoring in ALL 12 trades… winners and losers combined.

And get this… these trades can win whether the market surges… or crashes.

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When You Haven’t Closed A Losing Trade In Nearly A Decade, Money Tends To Pile Up Rather Quickly…

Meet the “normal” man whose hobby achieved “abnormal” results, allowing him to retire at age 37 as a millionaire…

He’s a Lawyer by trade.

He’s also living proof that you don’t need to work on Wall Street to make money as if you work on Wall Street.

And as you read above, he’s figured out a style of trading that is so consistent, so unflappable, that he hasn't closed a losing trade in close to a decade!

No wonder he waved goodbye to the 9-to-5 grind and retired as a millionaire before hitting 40.

He's not a Wall Street guru with inside connections or a mathematician crunching complex algorithms. He's someone who looks like an everyday individual but trades like he has inside information (he doesn’t, by the way).  But he does appear to be immune to market chaos and unfazed by global pandemics, economic downturns, and even wars.

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He's A Normal Man, But NOT A Normal Trader...Which Is Why Retiring At The Age Of 37 As A Millionaire Is So Remarkable

With a 97% Win Rate on His Closed Trades For Close To A Decade…You’ll want to Watch His Next Move Very Carefully

In an era where the financial markets have become a rollercoaster of highs and lows, punctuated by global pandemics and skyrocketing inflation, a lone trader stands in stark contrast to the crowd.

For close to a decade, he’s maintained a staggering 97%-win rate. And in case you're wondering—this year, he's closed zero losing trades.

But who is this reclusive multi-millionaire, and what's the secret sauce behind his uncanny ability to generate consistent profits?

Unearthly Wins in Both Bull and Bear Markets

While others sit at the edge of their seats, clutching onto every market news headline looking for a ‘tip’ that will change their fortune, this trader seems to exist in a parallel universe of endless profits.

Don't just take our word for it; the numbers speak for themselves. Here are some of the incredible gains he’s made in the volatile markets of 2021, 2022 and 2023:

Real Winners (With NO Losers In Between. Results Are Audited)

  • 96% gains on Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO)
  • 92% with Costco (COST)
  • 108% from Invesco ETF (QQQ)
  • 59% off of Merck (MRK)
  • 12% with SPDR DJIA (DIA)
  • 58% on IBM (IBM)
  • 100% on AutoZone (AZO)
  • 100% with Eli Lilly (LLY)
  • 100% on Archer Daniels (ADM)
  • 28% from Illinois Tool Works (ITW)
  • 112% on Western Digital (WDC)

Alright, So…How Does He Do It?

The question on everyone's lips is obvious: What does he know that others don't?  

In distressing times while most traders panic and sell off assets or cling to losing stocks in despair, he exudes a quiet confidence that has become his hallmark.  

In bullish times when everyone seems to be printing money, he’s lapping even some of Wall Street’s best traders while keeping a close eye on managing risk for when the party ends.

The trader has never fully disclosed his exact strategy in public, but what we can tell you is that it's unlike anything Wall Street has ever seen.

Money = Freedom For Him

But the tale doesn't end with mere financial gains; there's a larger narrative here that's just as riveting. The trader's unique approach has translated into life-altering outcomes:

  • He achieved early retirement at the tender age of 37, entering the multi-millionaire league
  • He built one of Wall Street's most enviable track records, making even seasoned analysts jealous
  • He demonstrated the versatility to trade successfully not just in bull markets, but also in bearish conditions, a feat few can match

The Next Chapter: Your Invitation To Watch His Video Interview (Right Now, On The Next Page, For Free)

The mystery trader has remained behind the scenes for long enough and has created a video interview that explains the high level of his approach to trading.

The video will get you up to speed regarding who he is, his full story, how he has achieved these results, and what you need to do to follow his next moves.

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