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Who are Nvidia’s Silent Partners?

Dear Reader,

My name is Martin Weiss.

I founded my ratings agency, Weiss Ratings, over 50 years ago.

My goal was to give regular Americans the tools they needed to beat even the best institutional investors, and we've largely achieved it.

The average gain on every Weiss "buy" rated tech stock since 2004 is 220%.

That includes the losers.

Meaning every Buy call we've made since 2004 had a legitimate chance to more than triple investors' money.

On 1,306 possible trades.

That's why The Wall Street Journal reported that our stock ratings ranked number one over everyone else covered.

That's wealth management giants like:

  • Merrill Lynch
  • Deutsche Bank
  • P. Morgan
  • Goldman Sachs, and
  • Morgan Stanley

Those institutions have millions of customers …

They manage trillions of dollars …

And our ratings beat theirs hands down.


Many of our biggest winners are companies quietly working with some of the largest tech giants in the world.

These are what we call "Silent Partner" stocks, companies quietly profiting off a larger company's deals.

If you can get in on these Silent Partners before the rest of the market catches on, it could be a huge boon to your investments.

We've called many Silent Partner stocks before.

Like Pegasystems, which helped Amazon roll out its cloud computing suite.


The stock exploded as much as 1,105% after we called it a "Buy."

The same thing happened with Skyworks Solutions, which makes many of the key chips in Apple's iPhone.


Skyworks has soared as much as 1,087% since we first identified it as a "Buy."

There's also Tyler Technologies …

They create essential software and technology for a number of Microsoft products.


After Weiss first signaled Tyler Technologies as a "Buy," its shares exploded 10,689%.

Or look at Nvidia, which had a lucrative silent partnership with Microsoft.


Its shares are up as much as 21,106% since Weiss first rated it a "Buy."

And now Nvidia has enlisted a small handful of its own Silent Partners …

To solve the number one issue facing AI.

And Big Tech giants are expected to throw $1 trillion at this issue, with Nvidia and its partners expected to take the lion's share.

So, our Weiss Ratings have zeroed in on three specific stocks that will serve as Nvidia's key Silent Partners in this venture.

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New coin creates new crypto industry - could spike!


Dear Reader,

Web 3.0 Gaming is one of the hottest opportunities in all of crypto right now.


Because thanks to the intersection of blockchain, NFTs, and gaming technology, people can actually get paid to play video games.

And given that millions of people are already hooked on games and play every day… for free… 

This revolution is poised to absolutely take over…

And THIS is the #1 coin we believe could benefit.

That’s because it’s not just a crypto…

No, it’s a platform for Web 3.0 Gaming, just like Coinbase is a platform for cryptocurrencies, and OpenSea and MagicEden are platforms for NFTs.

So its potential is really off the charts…

And thanks to the recent pullback in the market, it’s at a low price right now.

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Make This ONE Trade Every Time The Government Drops Economic Reports

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Dear Reader,


Twelve times every year, you have the chance to make ONE simple trade… with ONE symbol…


And cash out the very next day for potentially up to 383% OVERNIGHT!


My colleague, Bryan Bottarelli has spent the last few months researching this phenomenon…


And according to his data… it wins at an 83% rate.


The average gain was 115% in 24 hours. (winners and losers included).


In short… it’s a way to make winning trades every time the government releases key economic data.


You can see all the details for yourself in the video… including his exhaustive backtest.


It shows that last year… just $10,000 could have generated over $137,000 in trading profits.


Factoring in ALL 12 trades… winners and losers combined.


And get this… these trades can win whether the market surges… or crashes..

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To learn about the JOLTS Loophole, and get access to the next LIVE trade on Tuesday at 2pm, enter your email address below.
(You will immediately be redirected to the video.)

Got $1,500? 3 Hot Growth Stocks to Buy Right Now

Dear Reader,

With only $1,500 to invest, you’re at the starting line of potentially life-changing financial growth. We have one simple investing philosophy behind our greatest returns — we don’t recommend you buy any stocks if you’re not willing to hold them for at least 5 years. That’s the simple investing philosophy behind our greatest returns.

We are focused on the long-term. Let the day traders work all day for their 5% blips here and there, and fret when the market falls off for a month. We play an entirely different game -- a game measured by huge percentage points of profit, and counted in years.

And given the volatility presented in the market over the past couple of years, we think this strategy has never been more crucial.

It’s hard to believe, but 2023 marked the 30-year anniversary of the founding of The Motley Fool.

It’s truly amazing that we were able to go from publishing an investment newsletter for 300 or so subscribers out of a literal shed…

To serving hundreds of thousands of paid members and millions more hardworking investors on our free site.

The analyst team at The Motley Fool have put together a heck of a run. And since I have the luxury of working with them, I know what they’re most proud of is their ability to consistently lead investors to some of the most life-changing investment returns the market has ever seen. I’m talking, of course, about companies like:

  • Amazon up 22,964% (since Stock Advisor recommended it Sept. 9, 2002)
  • Netflix up 32,767% (since Stock Advisor recommended it Dec. 17, 2004)
  • Nvidia up 55,588% (since Stock Advisor recommended it April 15, 2005)

Those are actual investment recommendations The Motley Fool has shared with our investing community over the years.

We know what you’re thinking. You would have had to invest in those companies over 15 years ago to see those types of returns. Many members did and have seen those life changing returns.

But don’t feel like you’ve missed out...

In all the winning stock picks over the last 5 years, The Motley Fool already has several recommendations that have returned more than 100% (yes, even with current market conditions).

Some of our best of these recommendations include:

  • HubSpot (up 307%) since December 5, 2019
  • The Trade Desk (up 316%) since November 7, 2019
  • Tesla (up 491%) since January 2, 2020

I want to make sure I reemphasize that the returns you are seeing are all from recommendations we’ve made in just the last 5 years!

What does that tell you? There are still amazing companies out there -- and our dedicated analysts are tirelessly working every day to identify more of these companies for our members.

Imagine the potential these recommendations could have if given 15 years to mature like we did with Amazon, Netflix, and NVIDIA.

Is the greatest investing “secret” of all even a secret?

Maybe not, but judging by the short-term mindset of many investors -- individual and institutional alike -- it may as well be.

David Gardner said it perfectly when he wrote, “So scribble this down and put it on your fridge door: Find good companies and hold those positions tenaciously over time to yield multiples upon multiples of your original investment.”

That’s it. That’s our “secret”.

And you could just look at any of the great companies of our time. You can just look at the stock market over time. The facts are all there, but it's amazing how obscured they are by the media coverage of the markets and by how people mis-learn investing, often very early in their careers.

Go back to our early picks of Amazon and Netflix? What if you had sold those positions too early because you were so focused on short-term gain? 

After all, if you sold Netflix in its second year or Amazon in its third year, and you didn't get to enjoy the 10th and 15th year of your holding, you left almost untold amounts of money on the table. Think of it this way: You held one of these positions for three years because you bought low and sold high. Sure you made a three-bagger... But, If you had held your positions in one of these stocks for 10 years, you could have grown your position 150x! Ever heard of a 150-bagger? At The Motley Fool, we sure have.

The Time Is Now!

Motley Fool Stock Advisor sees an average return of 667%. But every so often, our team issues what we call a ‘Double Down’ recommendation: a chance for investors who missed the boat on a great stock to get in again…and a chance for investors who did buy to add to their gains.

Remember, we’ve never rested on our laurels. We are continuously working to find those next great potential stock picks. 

We’ve announced three ‘Double Down’ recommendations, exclusively for Stock Advisor members. So, if you’re the sort of investor who is looking to place small amounts of money (as little as $1,500) in stocks with long-term growth potential, then you’re going to be very happy you took the time to learn more on the next page.

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Returns as of 3/20/24. John Mackey, former CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Adam Jones has positions in and Okta. The Motley Fool has positions in, HubSpot, Netflix, Nvidia, Okta, Tesla, and The Trade Desk. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

The Motley Fool respects your privacy and strives to be transparent about our data collection practices. We use your information to customize the site for you, to contact you about your membership, provide you with promotional information, and in aggregate to help us better understand how the service is used.

Past performance is not a predictor of future results. Individual investment results may vary. All investing involves risk of loss.

The Best AI Stock to Own in the World Today is Trading for Just $25

Dear Reader,

Make no mistake. AI is the biggest story of our lifetime.

It is going to have huge implications for you, no matter where you live, what you do or how much money you have.

Jeff Bezos says, “It is a renaissance; it is a golden age … we are now solving problems with artificial intelligence that were in the realm of science fiction for decades.”

Bill Gates declared, “AI has the potential to change the world in ways that we can’t even imagine.”

And Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, says, “This is the most significant computing development in my lifetime.”

Artificial intelligence will be more disruptive in the next ten years than any other over the previous 50 years.

More disruptive than personal computers… the internet… even smartphones.

That’s because it’s not just going to disrupt one industry … or even two.

It’s going to disrupt them all.

And what we know for sure is with all that disruption comes incredible opportunity.

That means there is still a lot of money to be made… If you invest in the right AI companies.

I’ve found what I believe is the best AI stock to own in the world today.

Few people have heard of it… and it’s trading for just $25 a share.

An early-stage investment could put you in the best possible position to make 2024 your most profitable year yet.

I reveal all the details you need to get started in this short presentation.

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