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3 Free Stock Picks: High-Potential Gaming, Retail & REITs Stocks

Dear Investor,

Do you remember the 2008 financial crisis? The 2009 rally? The Covid crash? Runaway inflation? The 2022 market collapse?

These were some of the most turbulent and profitable times in the history of financial markets.

However, most investors were caught off guard by these events. They lost money, confidence, and opportunities.

But not all of them.

Some of the world’s top investors profited big time by getting ahead of these events.

Many of them used the same secret weapon – Hedgeye, the firm I founded in 2008.

Our clients manage over $10 trillion. They rely on us to guide them and tell them where markets are likely headed next.

But you don’t need to work on Wall Street to use our proven market-timing process.

Today we’re giving you 3 free long & short stock ideas identified through our research and analysis process.

All 3 stock positions have gained more than 50% since our analysts first endorsed them—and we believe there’s even more upside.

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • 3 Free stock ideas backed by deep-dive fundamental, quantitative & macro analysis
  • 3 Video clips of our analysts explaining why these stocks remain in their list of best ideas
  • The opportunity – but not the obligation – to get 6 months of daily stock ideas at our lowest price ever

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To your success,

Keith McCullough
Founder & CEO, Hedgeye

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The Ultimate Digital Currency Game Changer: Discover the Next Gen Coin Poised to Skyrocket 20 Times Beyond All Other Coins

On October 29, 2020, Ian King recommended a digital currency … one he calls the Next Gen Coin.

Despite all the recent volatility, it’s STILL up 319%.

However, he cautions the Next Gen Coin is not for people looking for overnight riches.

Interestingly enough, Ian has found plenty of those opportunities in his career.

He recommended Binance on May 4, 2020, knowing it’d soar higher … and sure enough, it went up as high as 1,061%.

He recommended Solana on December 17, 2020, knowing it’d soar higher … and sure enough, it went up as high as 1,934%.

And he recommended Terra on December 17, 2020, knowing it’d soar higher … and sure enough, it went up as high as 18,325%.

Perhaps what’s most amazing of all — these gains came within a year.

But the Next Gen Coin is in a class all by itself. Which is why it’s still up 319% since he first recommended it … while other coins have plummeted.

That’s because, as his presentation explains, this coin has the ability to “power the rails of global finance” … a $100 trillion industry.

And experts are predicting it’ll be 20-times bigger than others within a decade.

So this is really an investment in a disruptive technology … for the long run.

He’s calling it “the greatest investment in history.”

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This Proprietary Trading System Has Uncovered Winning Opportunities for Thousands of People…Including 80, Triple-Digit Winners In The Past Four Years…
And With AI Learning Exponentially Faster, We Fully Expect Those Results to Skyrocket.

Dear Reader,

A “second wave” window of A.I. investments is closing soon…

With 100X the potential of any gains we’ve witnessed so far. 

And if you take the right steps today…

You could turn every $100 into $1,000… every $10,000 into $100,000… and beyond.

Hi, I’m Landon Swan. I’m here typing this message to you alongside my brother, Andy.

Hedge funds and institutional clients pay us up to $750,000 a year for access to the predictive algorithm we created…

An algorithm so powerful, it has uncovered over 138 investment opportunities across our services in the last two years alone… with gains as high as 560%, 669%, 1,025%, 1,102%… and so many more. 

Our system has helped people navigate massive economic shifts like Covid, the cannabis boom, and more…

But we’ve never seen anything quite as remarkable — or quite as disruptive — as artificial intelligence.

By now, you’ve already noticed A.I. starting to creep into your everyday life…
•    Amazon is using it to recommend potential purchases to you...
•    Facebook is using it to personalize your news feed...
•    Some airlines are using it to predict the weather and land planes…
•    Recruiting firms are using it to find the best candidates…
•    Hospitals are using it to spot signs of cancer...

Yet… this is just the beginning. 

Over the next 12 months, we can expect to witness ones of the biggest upheavals of our lifetimes…  

And that means a rare opportunity for anyone who stakes their claim early… to make incredible potential gains in the coming months and years. 

Just imagine having a chance to buy Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, or Google in the early days, to experience gains in the thousands of percents… 

A single “bet” could have turned into close to $1 million today! 

Only this time around, we believe the shift will be MORE far-reaching… with several unexpected firms leading the charge — firms we call the “second wave.” 

These are companies that aren’t obvious… because they’re not inventing A.I. itself.

Instead, they are using A.I. to innovate.

Those are the stocks you want to find early. 

And that is precisely what our system has been built to seek out.

In fact, our unique proprietary system has already helped thousands of people FIND winning opportunities and AVOID losers in times of major economic shifts just like we’re seeing today…

Including identifying 80 triple digit winners in the past four years.

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AI Energy: This Relatively Unknown Company Is At The Forefront of a $40 Trillion Industry Disruption!

Dear Reader,

Prepare to be part of an unparalleled shift in the energy sector. 

A visionary company is harnessing AI Energy to take part in a $40 trillion wealth opportunity.  This is set to revolutionize how the entire planet harnesses energy.

Renowned technology expert, Ian King, wants to alert all investors about this company and what he is calling ‘AI Energy.’


Because at this very moment you have the ability to jump in early starting at just $5/share.

By the way…this isn't just about financial gains; it's about being part of a movement that redefines energy use globally…(if you care about that sort of thing).

To see what this is all about and have the potential for getting in early on something truly massive…

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Bezos, Thiel, Soros are In - Are You? Secure Your Spot in the $40 Trillion Revolution!

Thanks to a remarkable artificial intelligence breakthrough — just 1 liter of “AI Energy”… 

Is capable of generating as much energy as 29,000 barrels of oil. 

In fact, it’s 4 million times more powerful than oil. 

As improbable as this sounds, thanks to what's being hailed as the "5th Epoch" of energy… 

AI Energy could soon help America become 100% energy independent. 

Recently pioneered at a top-secret lab west of Silicon Valley, this artificial intelligence-created energy source has a World Economic Forum adviser calling it the "most exciting human discovery since fire." 

Billionaires Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel and George Soros are already investing in AI Energy. 

And one industry insider is stepping forward to show everyday Americans how to position themselves before this blossoms into a $40 trillion industry in the next decade. 

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Countdown to Financial Upheaval: The Federal Reserve's
Digital Dollar Revolution and the Fight to Protect America's Freedoms

Hi, Ian King here.

A plot that started a year ago with Biden’s Executive Order 14067 is becoming real very soon ... when the Federal Reserve launches what I believe to be the first steps toward its ultimate goal — a full-blown DIGITAL DOLLAR ...

Created and controlled by the Federal Reserve.

So, you have only have a few months to prepare for what could be the greatest financial upheaval in our history.

Jerome Powell — chairman of the Federal Reserve — said a central digital currency will:

“Fundamentally change the structure of America’s entire financial system.”

And worse — your God-given rights as an American will be in grave danger. 

I've been sounding the alarm bells for six months now.

And finally, people in power are beginning to pay attention.

In a recent press conference, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rightly echoed my warnings, saying:

"The reckless adoption of a 'centralized digital dollar' ... will stifle innovation and promote government-sanctioned surveillance."

You have a very small window to prepare.

Project Hamilton’s “official” research ended this past December — but it could be used to soon affect every man, woman and child in America for generations to come.

Because soon — the Federal Reserve officially launches what I believe to be the first step toward a full digital dollar.

To watch a video that explains in full detail how this affects you, click the button below that says ‘Watch The Video Now’

Have You Heard? There's A New Energy Source On The Scene 

A largely unknown and untapped energy resource is about to be unlocked on a global scale, thanks to a tiny Silicon Valley firm.
With the help of artificial intelligence, this company has discovered how to exploit an incredible trillion-dollar source of power that could make all other forms — from gas and coal through oil, to wind, hydropower and solar fusion — look like a small fry in comparison! 

Just one year's worth alone would generate 5X as much fuel than Earth’s largest existing oil field — making its potential profits hard for investors to ignore. 

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Unprecedented Accuracy Meets Cutting-Edge Tech:
TradeSmith's “An-E” Analytical Engine Predicts Stock Movements with Near-Perfect Precision!

Just recently TradeSmith, one of the world’s most cutting-edge financial tech companies, rolled out a brand-new A.I. predictive system called “An-E” which stands for Analytical Engine.

TradeSmith is also giving folks a “sneak peek” of some of “An-E”’s predictions, so you could see what it’s capable of for yourself.

Here’s one of them…

This chart of a company called Autodesk:

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Here you can see a red X. That’s when “An-E” made its prediction about where Autodesk’s stock price would go…

And those blue circles represent “An-E”’s predictions two weeks, one month, and two months into the future.

Well, here’s what actually happened with Autodesk’s stock over the next two months…

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As you can see, “An-E”’s forecast is almost spot on…

If you would have invested based on its predictions… you could have made nearly 15% in a month.

Here’s another one...

This is Carnival, the cruise line company.

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Again, we see the blue circles representing “An-E”’s predictions…

And here’s how Carnival’s stock played out…

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Again, nearly spot on.

And those are just two examples from a test they ran. TradeSmith has dozens more, including a prediction “An-E” just made about Tesla’s stock.

You can get all the details behind “An-E”, including its latest prediction about Tesla, by clicking the button below that says, ‘Show Me The Full Details.’

I think you’ll be surprised by where “An-E” says Tesla’s heading.